Baile funk aficionados ? Bem vindo a FAVELA STORIES.
Retrouve nous pour nos soirées à Uma Nota!

Au programme: caipirinhas, la musique des favelas, la joie de vivre et surtout… dancer!

DJ Brazileraaa nous emmène directement à Rio en passant par São Paulo et Florianópolis pour une soirée pas comme les autres

Date: Vendredi 12 et 26 avril!
À partir de 22h00
Dîner festif à partir de 21h30 sous réservation uniquement
Cocktails en walk-in

Nipo-Brasileiro food has found a second home in Hong Kong at Uma Nota. LIFESTYLE ASIA

The Roots of Uma Nota’s Nipo Brasileiro Cuisine

A vibrant energy runs through the streets of São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. The city comes alive when the sun goes down, with live samba music playing in the background, the smell of sizzling meat filling the air and Paulistas flocking to botecos—Brazil’s small rustic bars—for a good time.

The name ‘Uma Nota’ may suggest a single note of music, but this [...] restaurant is anything but one dimensional. HK TATLER

The Story Behind Uma Nota’s Menu

Tucked away on the corner of Peel Street and Hollywood Road, our restaurant Uma Nota was the first restaurant to offer nipo-brasileiro cuisine in Hong Kong. It was an obscure cuisine to many but the liveliness of the restaurant and the flavours of Brazil and Japan attracted many customers. One year later, we secured a commercial space in Paris and turned it into a modern version of a samba bar that you would find in Brazil.